Thursday, 12 November 2009

Response to the letter for Kalithea cats

Dear Ms McCann,

We are very sorry hearing from you that people have informed you wrongly about the cats and the future of them in Rhodes.Of course, it's not possible for us to take care of all the animals in Rhodes island because we are a very small organisation based on volunteers withoun financial help from the government or others.This year we have arleady collected 70 cats and have built a small shelter form them in Kalithea.Of course, these cats have to be sterilised,fed and have medical care.There is not any organised poisoning of animals but unfortunately some of them die due to physical issues.We appreciate your interest and if you are willing to help you can donate at the following.

Bank aBank Account: First Business Bank: 0026562-50-01-4 IBAN: GR68 0555 0200 0000 0265 6250 014 SwiftBic: FBBGGRAA

We attach some photos of the cat shelter in Kalithea.

Kind regards


  1. I need help with two seemingly abandoned dogs close to Kolymbia Atlantica Aegean Park hotel.
    The hotel is on the left (as well as beach) on the right there is a shop.
    Walking pass the shop down the street on the next big street corner there are
    two abandoned hostel buildings, one on this side, one on that side. On the other side
    of the street European Union are two non fed dogs who are taken care by an elderly man
    (so I was told) I fed the dogs when I was there, gave them food, water (as well as the cats)
    and left some food at the porch of the building. On the other side of the small street there
    is a building site, with water supply.

    I told about the dogs to an Austrian lady who walks that small street often with her dog.
    Also I left some money for dog food to our tourist agency Finnmatkat. The young lady
    was not an animal friend, so I am not sure she will do anything.

    Can you help those dogs?

  2. Satu was replied to, visits Rhodes and helps the strays. See facebook rhodesanimalwelfaresociety.